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GBWhatsApp APK 6.70 Latest Version Download Free

Whatsapp is one of the best messaging app all over the world. With more than 1.5 billion users it is surely one of the most used app worldwide. But do you know about GBWhatsapp? It is one of the best whatsapp mod available in market, modded by an arab android developer “Atnfas Hoak”, his real name is Omar. Since Omar modded GBWhatsapp lots and lots of users are now downloading GBWhatsapp APK because of its exciting features which is not available in official whatsapp app.

GBWhatsapp currently crossed more than 1 million active users and became one of the best Whatsapp mod available in the mod market.

As per the good response of users the developer of the GBWA constantly updating the app with lots of new features in every update. We all know whatsapp has many good features but still lack many pro features and to fill the gap the Omar modded the Whatsapp.

There are many other Whatsapp mods such as YoWhatsapp, NOWhatsapp, Fouad Whatsapp etc, but GBWhatsapp is still one of the best Whatsapp mod. Omar also created GBInsta which is an Instagram mod.

Download GBWhatsapp APK Latest Version

What is GBWhatsapp APK?

In layman terms GBWhatsapp is a whatsapp mod, which has many awesome features which are unique and not available in official whatsapp. The contant update from the developer is what makes Gbwhatsapp unique and updated.

After every update of GBWhatsapp many people start searching GBWhstapp APK download link. And therefore we are here to provide you the GBWhatsapp APK latest version.

GBWhstapp has it own community of theme makers where you can find lots of amazing themes for GBWhatsapp, which change the whole look of GBWhatsapp.\

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6.70 Changelog

🔄 What’s new in v6.70
[ Added ] Now You can Add Stickers From PlayStore to any Package
[ Added ] New Fonts
[ Added ] New Launcher Icons
[ Added ] Option to Disable click on Header for Hidden Chats (Mod 6.21)
[ Added ] Now You can Sort Messages Sent By (Newest/Oldest)
[ Added ] Confirmation Dialog when Call in Group Chat
[ Increased ] Pin Chats from 25 to 30
[ Fixed ] Force Close when Select more than 2 contacts in Auto Reply/Message Scheduler
[ Fixed ] Change App Language in Android Oreo and Pie
[ Fixed ] Showing View Messages sent By when Click on More Contacts in Group Profile
Many More Fixes
Important Note – 
1. Dont Ask for New Emojis as will be Available in Next Update.
2. Redmi Users Might Face Issues with MOD 6.11 Due to MiUi Roms
3. MOD is very Much Stable so request you to kindly check from your end before Posting anything.

GBWhatsapp Features

Below are some of the best features of GBWhatsapp APK


privacy icon

GBWhatsapp APK has lots of privacy options which are not available in the official whatsapp app, also the official whatsapp cannot implement these features because of its own policy.

Some privacy features are to hide Groups and Contacts. Below is the full list of privacy features of GBWhatsapp APK:

  • Hide Online Status
  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Hide Second Tick
  • Hide Writing Status
  • Hide Recording
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide View Status

Also GBWhatsapp has Anti-Revoke feature which let users see the deleted messages. You can check out these features in Menu >> Privacy >> Select which you want to hide.


Who doesn’t love gorgeous themes right? Well we all do and that’s why GB Whatsapp includes tons of amazing themes to customize the look of GBWhatsapp. The theme community of GBWhatsapp is very fresh, they create many themes for GBwhatsapp everyday. Even you can make your own theme for GBWhatsapp and send it to the developer to include in the next update. NOTE: The developer will not going to pay for the theme you contribute to the community.

You can find the theme section in Menu >> GB settings >> Download Themes


adjustment icon

If we talk about customization, GBWhatsapp already provides us lots of amazing themes to change the look of the app. However, if you need more customization, then GBWhatsapp doesn’t disappoint you. It allows to customize each and every part of the app such as

  • Conversion Screen
  • Main/Chats Screen
  • Popup Notification
  • Widgets
  • Launcher Icon
  • Ticks Style
  • Notifybar Icon
  • Dark Theme for Settings

You can find the customization settings in Menu >> GB settings >> Appearance

Media Sharing

Media icon

GB Whatsapp APK also allows us some media enhancement features such as sending video up to 50 MB which is not available in the official whatsapp app. Read complete Media Sharing features of GBWhatsapp

  • Can Send Video up to 50 MB
  • Send Image with max resolution
  • Can send Audio up to 100 MB
  • Able to post Full resolution Picture as a Status
  • Can increase Video limit for status (7 minutes)

Find media enhancement features in Menu >> GB Settings >> Appearance >> Media Sharing

Auto Reply Messages

Here comes the most amazing feature of GBWhatsapp. You can auto reply messages to any contact of your choice along with the time interval. This option will automatically send a predefined text of your choice to any contact you wanted to send the auto reply.

Find this setting in Menu >> GB Settings >> Auto Reply Message >> Plus Button >> Toggle Button.

More amazing features of GBWhatsapp

Below are the list of remaining features of GBWhatsapp with its description

Lock: You can add passcode to lock your chats from others.

Video Player: Change the default media player to any of your choice such as MX Player.

Disable Voice calls: Hate the call feature of Whatsapp? Well you can disable call in GBWhatsapp.

Always Online: Wanted to show your friends that you are online whole night? Well you can do this in GBwhatsapp even if your lockscreen is turned off.

Lock Particular Chat: You can lock any contact chats

DND (Do Not Disturb): Disable giving internet access to GBwhatsapp if you don’t want to receive any messages temporarily.

GBWhatsapp APK Version Info

Name GB WhatsApp
Developer Atnfas Hoaks (GB Mods)
Latest Version 6.70
Last Updated January 21, 2019
Requires Android 4.0+
Size 26 – 50MB
Downloads 5,000,000+

Direct Download GBWhatsApp APK 6.70

Note: Download GBWhatsapp according to your hardware. Read the guide how to check your hardware here

GBwhatsapp Armeabi-v7a

Download APK


GBwhatsapp Arm64-v8a

Download APK


GBwhatsapp x86

Download APK

How To Install GBWhatsapp APK

In this section you will learn how to correctly install GBWhatsapp

The installation process of GBWhatsapp is quiet simple, you just need to know the hardware info so that you can download the correct GBWhatsapp apk file. Learn how to download the correct APK file here

Complete Chat Backup

First you need to do a complete backup of your chat so that you can migrate the chat data from official whatsapp to GBWhatsapp.

Step 1. Open the Official WhatsApp app and go to Settings by going through 3 dots icon in the right top corner.


Step 2. Then Tap on chats.

Step 3.Select Chat backup

Step 4. Once you tap on the Backup button, it will start taking backup of your chats in your local storage. It will take time as per your chat size.

Install GbWhatsapp APK with Chat Restoring

Step 1. Open the APK file which you have downloaded from this site. You will get a warning pop-up for Unknown Sources if you haven’t check the Unknown Sources option in your Security Setting.

Step 2. Allow it and Tap again to install the GbWhatsapp APK on your android device.

Install GBWhatsapp APK

Step 3. Once the installation process is completed, Open the app and click on Agree and Continue Button.

Step 4. Now click on COPY WHATSAPP DATA and then enter your mobile number.

Step 5. Once your number is verified, then you will see the restore Option. Click on it to restore all chats.

gbwhatsapp apk file download

Now you have successfully installed GBWhatsapp in your device, you can go to setting where you can find the GB setting to start using the features of GBWhatsapp 6.70.

GBWhatsapp FAQs

Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp?

The developer uses the official whatsapp source code to modify the look of the app and to add some more features. GBwhatsapp still uses official whatsapp server to send and receive messages that means your messages are still encrypted. However, it is advised not to use GBWhatsapp for official purposes.

Is it possible to hack GB WhatsApp app?

NO! both the official version and GBWhatsapp uses the original server that means your chats are encrypted and cannot be hacked.

What is the anti-revoke feature in GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsapp has added a feature known as anti-revoke which gives you the ability to see the deleted messages from any sender. The copy of the message from his/her ends get deleted but not from your GBwhatsapp.

Is GBWhatsApp is available for iPhone?

No, GBWhatsapp is currently available for android devices

Can I use both official WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp on the same Android device?

Yes, you can use both the version in the same device.

Final Words

GBWhatsapp is as secure as the official version, so there is no need to concern about the privacy of your data. If you face any other issues please comment below so that I can help you.

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